Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Fuck You, Alex

Women are raped every day. Lots of us, in fact. One in four women will be sexually assaulted in their lifetime. One in four!! In America, 1,871 women are raped every day. That equates to more than one woman raped every minute. Rapes are committed in public, in the daylight, at school, in our dorm rooms. Rapes happen at night, outside of bars, on public transportation, at parties. Rapes happen in our own homes, in our own beds. And every day, a woman who is raped, is also blamed for what happened to her. Because we were out late or dressed "slutty," or because we shouldn't have been alone, or because we asked for it.

That is so fucking gross. 

This week in Portland, another vagina-stealing, shit bag piece of garbage was tried (and thankfully convicted) for the rape of several local women. His name? Alex Francisco-Sebastion. You know why I know his name? Because his piece of shit family, and his toss-your-ass-back-into-the-gutter friends, had the fucking audacity to wear tee shirts reading "FREE ALEX" to his trial. What?!?

Fuck you. All of you. You are part of the reason your son/friend/nephew/uncle/brother turned out to be a scum bag. You are part of the reason he thinks he can walk up to whoever the hell he wants and exert his power over her. You are part of the problem. Because of you, because of the way you raised him, supported him, and loved-him-no-matter-what-because-he-can-do-no-wrong, these women were violated in the worst possible way. Pat yourselves on the back for that. You raised a real treat.

Are you fucking kidding me?!? Free Alex??!? Fuck! 

I. Can't. Even!!!

I swear to God, if I committed some fucked up shit like this douche bag, no way ever would my mom be sitting in my trial with a I Heart Veronica tee shirt. She'd let me fucking ass rot in jail.

But I digress.

Of course, Alex is the real problem. You can only place a certain dollop of responsibility on his shit bag family before you have to remember that he is an adult, his slimy dick is attached to him and no one else, and he knows the difference between right and wrong. Alex, I hope you wear your fucking Free Alex tee shirt into prison. I hope you continue to brag and boast about your conquests once they lock the cell door on you. I hope you're proud of yourself and the fact that you were able to overpower a woman who wasn't as strong as you. I hope your family rallies in support of you, because they'll continue to be too blind to see how disgusting you are.

I can just literally not even wrap my brain around how this fucking bag of shit and his bag of shit family, even thought what they were doing was okay. Dude you fucking raped these women! You violated them. You took whatever the fuck you wanted from them. You're disgusting. You're the reason I will purchase a gun in 2015. You're the reason I will learn to shoot one, and the reason I wouldn't hesitate to use it on someone walking into my apartment in the middle of the night.

You. You fucking piece of dirty shit. You are the reason my best friend had to sit her terrified ten year old down and explain that she bought a gun because she's small, and because she can't protect herself. You're the reason little kids know what rape is and have to learn about it from their moms. You're the reason we don't go out alone at night, the reason we walk to our cars on high alert. You. You're the problem.

While we're hoping, I also hope a cell mate with a vengeance makes your cocky, arrogant, selfish ass, his little fucking bitch. I hope you spend the next years of your life scared and afraid, always watching over your shoulder. I hope you stay on high alert, out of fear of someone stronger than you. I hope you get the arrogant shoulder shrugs beat the fuck right out of you. I hope you spend these years in constant fear, on constant alert, at constant risk of someone bigger and stronger than you just taking whatever the fuck they want from you.

Spend these years feeling what it's like to be a woman in the world today, with dirty creeps like you following us in the shadows. Fuck you.