Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Pop, Lock, and Stalk It

Facebook stalking.

I've done it, you've done it.
We've all done it.
You can admit it. This is a safe space. 

Day Three of My 30 Day Blog Challenge: One of Your Favorite Shows

Facebook. What a shit show!

Facebook is such a disaster, and yet somehow it seems to have become an absolute necessity to get through life. It's weird, right? The fact that we have to log in every day to see what our friends, family, and coworkers are doing? That we have to see everyone's photos and posts, and that we check it at midnight or in the morning now to see what we were Facebooking about at this time one, two, even eight years ago? 

I mean, I'm guilty. Don't get me wrong. I am active on Facebook. I like Facebook. I think it's fun to see what my friends and family are doing today, and I like being able to check in with everyone by one click and some scrolling as opposed to sending 100 how's your day text messages. Or, God forbid, making all those phone calls!

Facebook is, despite all of it's negatives, a pretty decent way to feel connected to your friends and family who may live out of town, or have kids you don't see often, or live on opposite schedules of  you. It is also a really good forum for getting a blog out in to the world...just saying.

But here's where it gets weird. 

When you start stalking people that you don't even know.

It gets even weirder when you start to monitor your own posts based on the strangers you know are checking in on you. WHAT?! Like, for some reason we feel like we shouldn't post something because somebody you know is creeping your profile, would be bothered by it. It makes literally zero sense to be wary of what I say on my Facebook page based on what somebody I'm not even friends with, may have to say about it.

In real life, stalking is pretty taboo. It's not really okay. Stalking people you don't know in real life is actually pretty frowned upon. Would you just sit outside you boyfriend's ex-girlfriend's sister's house for five hours a night hoping to get a glimpse of her? (and if so, please find another blog to stalk).You wouldn't. Because it's weird. And also illegal. 

And yet, because it's on the internet, we somehow think it's okay.

Well, guess what. It's kinda not okay. It's actually quite inappropriate. And we really shouldn't be doing it.

Be honest here - has anything good ever come from your addiction to cyber stalking? If your answer is yes, I don't believe you. Nothing good comes from Facebook stalking. It makes you look like a freak when you keep an eye on your ex-boyfriend's mom's uncle's cousin. Stop that.

I recently had this epiphany, where I realized I had close to 500 "friends" on Facebook. Only about 90 of these people are people I purposely speak to in my real life; meaning 410 of them I am friends with on social media exclusively. I decided one day, after I found myself editing a post to appease someone I barely even know, that it was ridiculous. I went on a deleting frenzy, and I removed anyone from my friends list that I am not actual, real life friends with.

And people got mad!!!

What in the fuck...

You don't get to be mad that you are unable to see my posts, if you don't know me.


You don't get to be mad that you can't stalk my photos and insert your agenda into the things I say.

Stalker times two.

It's weird. It's weird that people get offended or insulted when they are unfriended by someone they don't even know. It's weird that people spend this much time stalking other people on the internet, just because it's available.

Facebook. Both my least and most favorite show of all time.