Tuesday, July 2, 2013

To Blog or Not To Blog

After earning a degree in writing from Portland State in 2007, I went on to enter the field of property management...where I quickly stopped using my degree (with the exception of drafting emails and posting apartment advertisments on Craigslist). While I enjoy my job and see a comfortable future in the industy, I still read public blogs, articles, novels, magazines and think...that is what I want to do!

A friend recently asked me on Facebook if I was blogging...oh, you mean that rarely used and read only by my own mother whiny journal type thing I have online? Outside of that, no. But thank you for asking. Another moment where I wanted to say yes, yes I am blogging, and here is the link, and please share with your friends! Where the writer in me kicked the ass of the lazy in me and said, uhhh hello...get your ass in gear! Write, you loser!

And so, here I am, prepared to kick myself out of the nest with an actual blog. Not a diary disguised as a journal disguised as a blog, where my family can see my daily dramas play out - isn't that what Facebook and Twitter are for? But rather, a blog where I can post my rants and my raves; what makes me mad (everything) and what makes me happy (also everything).

So for my dear friends - and I guess for my enemies who happen to still be able to view the links I post to Facebook - welcome, to Idle Chatter!