Friday, April 18, 2014

How Many Places Could the Couch Really Be?

Prompt: Weird things you do when you're alone.

Well, for starters, we've already established that when I am home alone, I simply do not wear pants. Ever. I hate pants. I much prefer the comfort of my panties and a warm hooded sweatshirt and slippers (or a soft tank top in the summer time. I am just not a fan of wearing pants.

Weird thing number two, when I am home alone, I tend to talk to my cat, but I'm not sure that really qualifies as weird, as most of my friends talk baby talk to their cats and/or dogs. I think it'd be more weird if I expected a reply, which I don't. But I do talk to Juno, and more when we're alone than when people are over.

The real kicker, though, is when I am home by myself and am stressed out, I move furniture. Like, rearrange it. It's a strange form of stress relief, but it gets the job done. Maybe that's why I don't mind moving so often - because I enjoy breaking up my life stress with a need to rearrange furniture. And I am not talking about rearranging a few pictures or your books on a shelf; when I am stressed, I will rearrange the contents of my apartment, from furniture to closets to dishes in the cupboards.

There is something about finding a new place for something that just alleviates my stress. Like, maybe my life is in shambles, but at least my dishes make sense in the cabinets!

The same is true for work. When I have work stress, I cope by cleaning out my desk. The more stressed I am, the cleaner and more organized my office and work space are. It works for me.

There is something therapeutic and calming to me about having things look different. That really probably is part of why I don't mind moving, why I love to go new places, why I like to work at "takeover" properties and move around from job to job, and why I like to work at other people's properties; it alleviates my stress.

And if it helps me CTFC, it certainly can't be a bad thing, right?