Friday, May 9, 2014

When Your Stomach is in Knots

There is something about sun and warm weather that gives me more confidence to stretch out of my comfort zone. It's like I hibernate all winter long, resting up to go balls to the wall for 3 months of every year. It's easier to hide on the couch in my jammies when it's pouring rain or super cold...but something about driving with the windows down, wearing sunglasses, and putting on flip flips, just gives me the push to try something different.

Prompt: Taking risks

It's easy to look back at something and decide, that's is what it is. I haaaaate that phrase, it is what it is. It seems like such a finite, definitive phrase, with no possibility for change.

It's harder to look back at something and decide, I am still thinking about this a lot, I need to do something about it.

It's even harder, to fucking do it. To look back at something that ended or that was lost, and decide that maybe you need to invest some more of your heart into it, is follow through with that, to take that leap, is really hard. It's scary. But it can be really awesome.

And yet, a wise man once said, without the risk, there is no reward. And that's just so true, of so many aspects in life. Think about it - the things that are the scariest, the ones that require the most risk...aren't they always the most gratifying in the end?

If you don't take some risks, you could miss out on the best things life has to offer. And so, with that, I am taking a risk. It might hurt. It might knock me on my ass. It might leave me with a hurt heart and a lot of tears. But it might not. It might lead me to the best thing ever. It might feel amazing. It might be just right.

Take a leap of faith. Take some risks. Do what scares you. Let yourself be afraid. Let yourself feel that fear. And then use that feeling to power forward, and trust that things always happen for a reason.