Sunday, February 15, 2015

I Take That Back...Be Careful of That Lego

11 Day Photo Blog Challenge
Day 6: A Picture of Something You Love

Things I love: Opening a new book. Watching my cat chase squirrels through the patio door. Eating popcorn with Blake. Writing. When someone new starts reading my blog. Facetime. Taking vacations. The beach. Spending time with my cousins. Friday. And Saturday. Well, weekends in general. Grocery shopping. Purchasing plane tickets. Tax refunds. A good movie. Afternoon naps. Corona. Blue Moon. Champagne. Bacon and eggs for breakfast. Yoga pants. No pants. Buying new underwear. Zumba. Lunch dates with my mom. Text messages. Cuddling under a blanket. Date nights. Girls nights with my best friends. Eye shadow. Pedicures. Sheets right out of the dryer. Birthday week. Power sanding furniture projects. Loud music. Driving my truck. Quotes that make me think. Weddings. Kissing. Las Vegas. Massages. Tattoos. Hoodies. Sex. Road trips. Spending time with the people who love me the most. Using unnecessary hashtags. Waking up next to a handsome fella. Flowers. Juno, the most amazing cat ever.

And about a million other things, all of them awesome.

It's hard to pick a photo of just one thing I love...I mean, I feel like I take a lot of photos, and most of them are of people, places, and/or things that I love. #thisishard. Do I pick one thing or several things? Should I be serious or funny? Or, being that it's Valentine's Day - a day of mush and gush and lovey-dovey nonsense - do I try to get totes legit on the love thing?

What it boils down to is, I can't pick just one thing I love. I am surrounded daily by positive people, amazing friends, and a supportive family. I have a decent job that I don't hate, that pays me well enough to fund the fun in my life. I get to go to the beach, take vacations, lounge around in my jammies, snuggle my choice of babies, and wake up every morning to a happy cat purring next to me. I have had the life experiences necessary to have led me to where I am now, and I feel like I can appreciate and value what I do have because of where I've come from. From the bad, came the good.

I woke up this week to a text from one of my oldest girlfriends, that really put today's blog topic into perspective: Happy Valentine's Day. Love you so much. So happy to see you loving yourself so much this year and living life! So proud of you and so blessed to be your friend.

I couldn't have asked for a more positive message this year for Valentine's Day. It's true. The past 12 months I have focused hard on taking care of myself, loving my life, and embracing all that the world has to offer. And I have loved it. I've loved the good and the bad, even those moments where I was sad. My relationships have gotten better, my friendships stronger, and honestly, I just can't say enough about all of the love around me.

And so, here they are...some of the most positive and uplifting moments of happiness, support, pride, and most importantly, L-O-V-E in my life. I am so grateful for these moments with these people!