Tuesday, February 3, 2015

#RideOrDie With FMW

11 Day Photo Blog Challenge
Day 2: A Photo of You and the Person You've Been Closest to the Longest

Yesterday, one of my friends posted on Facebook, "everyone seems to be looking for that 'ride or die' chick." Clearly he was intending his post towards the romantic relationships people are pursuing, but I found it relevant to my challenge post for today. Because while I have a lot of good friends, great friends, and several best friends, I only have one #rideordie chick, who has been by my side from the day I was born. 

I was lucky enough to have been born into a family full of loud, encouraging, supportive L-O-V-E, love. My mom is close with her siblings, and somewhat naturally I then became close with my cousins. I've written before the way I feel so deeply blessed to have these relationships with my cousins, because I know it's not a normal thing we've got going here in this family.

But no matter what we're doing, no matter when we agree or disagree, no matter how crazy life gets, my cousin Stacey has been my very best friend. We joke about the fact that we hated each other in middle school, but really, don't all middle school girls hate all other middle school girls?

Stacey and I were roommates in college for a year, and when we transferred from Western Oregon to Portland State the following year, we took a lot of the same schedule and several classes together; I'd like to think that the only reason either of us actually graduated, was because the other one of us bitched about homework and going to class. More important than making each other go to school though, while we were in college, I was there through her incredibly hard breakup, and she was there when my dad was sick. We got through our college years together, not just the parties and classes, but the shit life starts to throw your way when you start to grow up.

Probably the time of my life that cemented Stacey as my real #rideordie, were the years I was in just the shittiest relationship with the biggest douche bag ever. At this time in our lives, Stacey was living with her now-husband, we were planning their wedding, and I was planning all of the other parties and events that lead up to a wedding - showers, bachelorette parties, dress fittings, etc. My boyfriend at the time, couldn't stand her. And though the feeling was more than mutual on her part, she was very careful to not talk shit about him, and to listen to my sob stories every time I called or came over to sleep on her couch. She knew I was being controlled, manipulated, and mistreated, but she didn't tell me what to do or come down on me; she just always listened. Because of this, I was able to maintain open and honest communication with her over anyone else, and when the moment finally came that I had had enough from this ass hole, she was there for me with nothing but support and encouragement, never anything about how it was about time or what had I been thinking.

Our lives have continued to take us different directions - Stacey is married, owns a home with her husband, and they've started a family. I, on the other hand, am single and renting, baby-free and moving all the time. And yet, despite these differences, I am as close as ever to my best friend. We text regularly, we spend time together, and I still feel like no matter where life takes us, she will always be my closest friend.

I mean. if nothing, else, I have to be nice to her, because she knows all of my dirtiest secrets. As most #rideordie bitches do.