Tuesday, August 12, 2014


Today's Writing Prompt: Your last kiss.

The last kiss I shared was with an awesome, handsome, hilarious guy. A guy who loves me to the moon. A guy who holds my hand when we walk in the park, who snuggles me whenever I ask him to, and who runs towards me whenever he sees me, with a huge grin on his adorable face and his arms outstretched. This is a guy who lays in bed and scratches my back while we watch movies, who shares his popcorn, and who paints for me. He reads with me, dances with me, and never lets me be sad. He celebrated his birthday last week, and after I gave him a present and his belated spankings last night, he let me hold him like a baby and rock him back and forth making crying baby noises and telling him how much I loved to rock him when he was tiny.

My last kiss was a wet, sloppy, slightly-boogery face plant from my favorite three-year-old. And as always, after we smooched, we both wiped our mouths with the back of hands and a BLECH!!!

Little does he know, I glue those kisses on.

In agreeing to write this blog, I got to thinking about relationships and what makes them successful. I thought back to a conversation I had with a girlfriend, which resulted in her blog about not talking about her relationship on Facebook, and I decided the same was true for this topic. Don't kiss and tell.

Writing a blog about my last (real) kiss, would be just that: telling.

There are things you share with your girlfriends about the boys you're kissing - the things like, the first time he kisses you or the first time you have sex (and in all honesty, some of the amazing things he does that you didn't know existed before you met him). Sometimes you tell your girlfriends about the way someone kissed you, or how he kissed you, or the way you felt when he kissed you. And that's okay; sometimes you have to share your excitement with your friends. When something is new and exciting with someone, we tend to share more of these moments with our friends - because in trying to play it cool with said new guy, we have to get our excitement out somehow...

And that is how we end up at Buffalo Wild Wings, drinking beer, talking about the way a new guy touched us the night before.

But then there are the things you keep to yourself, the things that stay between you and the boy, the things that make you grin ear to ear in a room all by yourself, days later. That's what keeps them special, the fact that it's a secret that you only share with one boy, and that the only two people in the world who know what happened when that last kiss happened, are you and him. Knowing that when you close your eyes and think about that last kiss, there is no one else in the world who knows you're still smiling about it, can be equally exciting.

The longer you spend kissing a boy, the fewer details you tend to share, and the more things you tend to keep to yourself. And that's when things are the best, the healthiest, the happiest - when you tell your friends how happy he makes you or the ways he makes you smile, instead of the way he made you cum twice in one night or the way you let him skip the condom. When you stop telling your girlfriends about how he did things to you, and start telling them about the way he makes you feel, that's when you know things are good.

There are kisses you talk about, and there are kisses you keep to yourself. My last (adult) kiss was definitely the latter. It was one of those kisses better kept to myself, to close my eyes and think about later.

It was sexy though, I'll at least give you that.