Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Fuck. You.

After much thought today, I have decided that I will not let some fucking psycho freak dictate my ability to post a fucking blog. I like posting publicly. I like seeing the number of readers increase as I learn to share these posts on other social media sites. I don't want to have to send out email reminders to the apparently quite large following I have here (thank you, by the way, to the 35+ readers who have already emailed me asking for the access to continue reading. 

My blog will stay public. I have nothing to hide. I have done nothing wrong. I write what I write because it is the truth and is how I feel, because I see the world a certain way and am perfectly within my right to write about it.

Will I block these lunatics on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc? Yes. Because apparently the level of crazy is beyond what I even knew possible. I have edited out the content here pertaining to where I live, work, etc...because apparently people have deemed me important enough to actually stalk. 

But I will write whatever the fuck I want on my own blog. You don't win. You fucking lose. You are pathetic. If you don't like reading what I write, stop fucking stalking me. You don't like what I have to say? Don't. Fucking. Read. It. 

And now, dear friends and readers...please stay tuned for my first post of 2014, coming tomorrow! 

Happy Fucking New Year! I truly appreciate you all motivating me to keep growing as a writer! Keep reading, commenting and reading...I love it!