Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Epic Life Fail

Thanks to Juliana, who writes one of the fab blogs I follow regularly, I am starting on a new 30 day blog challenge. I find that the weeks that I am able to blog 3-4 times, I see much more traffic and page views, and I also am just more excited about it, because let's be real, this nerdy girl loves to write! But I can only come up with so many ideas on my own in a week, so I am often in search of a new blog challenge to give me fresh topics.

After all, it can't all be sex ed and parties, right?

Day 1#: Share a recent failure and what you learned from it...

Does this include failing at life? Because lately, I feel like I am just experiencing some general life failure. I've just been so tired, and feeling so blah,  that I haven't had much drive to get up and do anything. A big contributor to that is that right now, I am experiencing some health issues in which I am throwing up almost everything I eat or drink. So I'm hangry, like, all the time. Barfing five to ten times in a day makes me tired, and not keeping any food down makes me tired, and grouchy, and hungry. Plus, it is super awkward to be out to lunch or dinner with a friend and have to go in some nasty public bathroom to throw up. So I have just been sticking closer to home the last several weeks, which is an uncommon thing for me once the summer sunshine sets in.

So overall I just feel a little bit like I am failing at summer maybe - I haven't been traveling or taking a day to run to the coast, and I haven't been on any hikes or nice long walks. And I am certainly not consuming enough summer brews right now.

What have I learned? I've learned that I am not a fan of being sick, nor do I enjoy vomiting in public. Or anywhere, really. I have learned, though, that there are things I enjoy doing closer to home, that don't involve food and drink, that still allow for some fun with friends. My friend Kattie and I just recently refinished a desk, and are now starting on another. What I have learned is, I am obsessed with power tools. I am having so much fun sanding and staining and painting, and none of those things are causing me to toss cookies, so that's awesome. I have planted an array of plants on my patio, and I've learned that while I may struggle to keep them alive, I enjoy potting flowers and I enjoy having them there. I've learned that I read a lot more books when I don't feel good and want to do nothing but lay on the couch. And I've learned that I am much happier when I can get off the couch, and when I have the energy to go out, eat & drink with my friends, visit my family, hang out with their babies, and be outside.