Thursday, October 3, 2013

I'm Not a Follower

Today's Challenge: What are your 5 favorite blogs to follow?

This is a dumb one, but I do't have a ton of time either, so it fell on the right day.

I don't follow any major blogs, I pretty much just follow my friends who blog on here...

One of my favorites to read is Stu's blog about his primal lifestyle. It is informative and intelligent, but with a lot of wit and humor, so the reading isn't a lot of diet/lifestyle blogs are. I am really proud of him and think the blog should be read by everyone!

I also follow Rachel and Juli, who are each partaking in this same 30 day blog challenge. I enjoy reading their takes on the topics I have alread written about to see how each of us interpreted the subject differently.

I follow Rachael as well, who is doing another daily blog challenge, which I plan to dive into when this one is done in a couple days. Rachael's blogs are always funny, and I like reading them.

Other than that, I read my cousin Karen's fitness journey blog, which she needs to post in more frequently. It is inspiring to see how far she has come the past couple of years, and she should be so proud of herself!