Friday, October 4, 2013

What's in Your Bucket?

When I think of all of the things I want to do before I die, I feel like the list is incredibly hopefully (knock on wood), I live a long time! But as I sat here running through the things I want to do, the places I want to see, where I want my life to go, it occurred to me that in all reality, the only thing on my bucket list is to embrace my life and to do whatever makes me the happiest, in every moment.

The list of places I want to travel to is extensive, and I think the more time that passes, that list grows longer, not shorter. Among my biggest dream destinations are Greece, Germany, Italy, Ireland, Amsterdam, the Galapagos Islands, Peru, Brazil, Panama, Costa Rica...the list just goes on and on. I want to visit as many places as I possibly can. This led me to Google what types of jobs are out there that would require me to travel. The first career choice on the list? Archaeologist. What? I was thinking more like, airline crew, not rock digger-upper.

In any regard, I have never been the type of person to live for work. I work to live. I work to spend my money on vacations. I generally put in far greater than 40 hours per week or have two jobs, whatever necessary to make things happen. I have been considering a part time serving job now that I am at a slow property that will likely bore me to death, but have also thought about doing part time for a hotel again, as the travel perks are so awesome.

Aside from traveling, my bucket list contains a lot of books to read, a few books to write, and a library to be had. Yes, I am so nerdy that having a library in my home is on my bucket list. Think, Beauty and the Beast. A room with shelves of books so high I need one of those ladders on rollers? Yes, please.

And of course, when it comes down to it, the real number one on my bucket list: