Thursday, October 24, 2013

My Blinks Are Taking Too Long

I could learn to love football... :)

I may not know much about sports (okay, well I basically know nothing about sports), but I seriously enjoy sports when they are live. I don't have the interest - or the attention span - to sit in front of a TV all day long on Sunday watching football, nor do I care to watch baseball or basketball on TV all evening, but when a game is happening live in front of you, it really is different. It is somehow more exciting when it is so noisy and with so many people...

I have been to several NFL games in the past - My brother and I flew to Dallas for the Cowboys/Giants game a couple years ago, I saw a Broncos/Vikings game while on a trip to Denver with some of the Old Chicago trainers, and I saw the Seahawks/Giants play like 2 years ago with Kalib and one of his friends. I enjoy live football. I need the person I'm with to keep me in the game as far as what exactly is happening, because I really don't know the game all that well, but I enjoy the noise, the fresh air, the crowd, and seeing the game play out live instead of in my living room. I've also been to Blazer games and a few Seattle Mariners games, and I find those fun as well. I recently went to my first Timbers game, and that was like the most fun sporting event, EVER.

Maybe its the beer...I do love spending $10 on a Coors Light, afterall.

Anyways, so I went to my first college football game this weekend, and I had such a great time. Not only had I never been to a college game, but I had never tailgated either. I had so. much. fun! I went with Jeremy to the Ducks game; it was a late game, so I drug my ass out of bed in Beaverton at like 10am, got my shit ready, and picked him up at about noon (an hour before he actually wanted to leave, because apparently women are always making him late). We met up with his coworker and some friends of theirs and headed down to Eugene; we made it there by about 3:00, despite Jeremy bitching about my slow ass driving the entire the time we took the Eugene exit, I was ready to drop him off and go home (no, not really). We parked, cracked beers, and hung out...met up with a few more of his friends throughout the day, had more beers, a yellow Jello shot (dee-lish), and headed into the stadium just in time for the game to start.

The weather was amazing, super warm and sunny, and I think it was almost halftime before I was cold enough for my jacket...awesome! Of course, once I was cold enough for my jacket, I also needed my hat, gloves, and in reality also needed Jeremy's jacket. BUT I stayed strong and did not make him be cold so I could wear two coats. I'm far too strong for that nonsense.

The game was seriously so loud. It was crazy. I loved it. It is hard for me to get into the yelling and chanting since I struggle to follow the game and don't want to yell the wrong thing, but eventually I figured it out and had a great time trying to be loud enough to fuck up the Cougars...apparently I can help do that by screaming loud, did you know that?

Anyway, as was expected, the Ducks took a huge lead in the 4th quarter, at which point I learned the definition of garbage ball, and we headed out from the staudium with just over 5 minutes left of the game. Not that it made any difference getting out of the parking lot...I think we waited an hour just to get to a road. We picked up some tacos, ate, gassed up my car, and headed up a loooooong, late, dark, foggy I-5 north towards Portland. Thank God Jeremy was awake, because I was getting pretty dangerously tired by the time we hit Wilsonville. At one point, I was talking just to hear a voice, and I do recall telling him my "blinks are taking a really long time," at which moment he sat up and turned on the air conditioning so I would be "less comfy." We made it back to his house and thankfully I was able to crash there instead of trying to drive myself from Clackamas to Beaverton, or I would be writing this blog from the Other Side.

Needless to say, after a really fun, really warm, really sunny day of drinking and meeting new people, followed by an evening of laughing, dancing (yes, I was dancing...isn't that always the case), and watching the Ducks, I am addicted. Can I go again next weekend please??