Friday, December 13, 2013

Follow your know, to the couch

Question: What does your daily routine look like? Bullet point your day.

Generally, I get up at 6:15AM and am on the go in traffic, in my office, in traffic the other way, and home. 5 days a week. And that is stupid for a blog post, so thankfully I was on vacation this week.

My original vacation plans were to meet up with Jenny in San Francisco, but that didn't end up working out; I still took the week off work though, since I haven't had a vacation recently and was maxed out on PTO accrual. I made the conscious choice to do as little as possible, and I certainly succeeded.

I literally did nothing for 5 days. In my head, I was going to get my hair done, work out, take Juno to the vet for shots, get an oil change, blah blah blah...but in reality, I did not do shit.

Alright, that isn't true. I did things. But I only did fun or relaxing things, and I only left the house if it was not a rush hour time of day, because I was determined not to deal with traffic for 5 days.

Bullet points huh? Easy's what I did for 5 days while not working, and not thinking about work in the slightest:
* Mostly didn't wear pants. At least not around my house.
* Slept in.
* Stayed in bed watching Netflix after waking up, instead of rushing to the shower.
* Stayed up super late. One night til 4:00 in the morning.
* Looked at grad schools (more to come on this topic later) online.
* Had an amazing dinner date with Adelle at our spot...CPK. Dinner included 3 raspberry lemon drops.
* Rented my 1st Redbox movies.
* Became a Redbox addict.
* Took my first shot of fireball. And did not enjoy it.
* Kissed. Cuddled. Slept over. And did not have to wake up in the morning.
* Hung out with Rachel and Kattie. A whole lot.
* Took lunch to Rachel because I needed to laugh.
* Finished my Christmas shopping.
* Got a Christmas "fern."
* Went to the Christmas tree farm with Oskar and Blakey. And their parents.
* Cooked dinner for a friend. And had a heart to heart.
* Baked cookies.
* Watched Charlie Brown.
* Watched Home Alone AND Home Alone Two.
* Spoiled Juno.
* Wrapped Christmas presents.
* Texted a lot.
* Found a new therapist. And made an appointment.
* Hung out with my cousin Spring for the first time in over 10 years.
* Laid on the couch.

I think time off is a vital part of life for me, and I can't succeed without the time to recharge. This was the first time I have taken a vacation where literally no one from work bothered me. Everyone took care of my office and things turned out fine, and even though I was bummed to not get to see Jenny, I now have a flight credit for later this year and I'm confident I'll get to see her sooner than later. And having a staycation is something I have never done before, but was very good for my emotional stability.

Now I am ready to work tomorrow, then it is my weekend. Perfect!