Saturday, February 8, 2014

It Never Snows in Portland...Until it Snows in Portland

Here in Portland/Vancouver, it doesn't snow. Like, ever. And if it does, it's like a light dusting with ice crusted over the top - just enough to make it unsafe to drive and super disappointing city-wide.

But not this week. This week, despite the number of Portlanders that muttered "yea, right" to the weather reports, and despite those of us who were not out purchasing gloves, hats or coats because wewereSOnotgoingtoneedthem, it snowed in Portland. Really snowed. Inches of snow! Fluffy, powdery awesomeness, too, not that nasty ice-snow that Portland usually sees. It. Was. Amazing.

Even though I didn't get to stay home from work and play, I was glad to see so much snow. I was happy to be sitting in my quiet office, heat cranked with a cup of tea and some good music, watching the snow fall from my window. It was fun watching Rachel's son PJ run around throwing snowballs and making the maintenance guys pull him on a homemade sled. I loved it. I love the snow.

Juno was her ever curious self, staring out the window for hours at a could see her wheels cranking. But every time I opened the door and cold air came through, she was hiding under the bed within seconds. No cold for this cat!

I had planned to go to the beach this weekend, so since that didn't pan out, I intend to enjoy a quiet weekend on my own at home, with just Juno to keep me company. Lots of Olympics, movies, books, and beers...and several naps I'm sure.

Anyways, since we never get snow here and you may still not believe it happened, here are some pictures of the amazing snowstorm that hit us yesterday...and again today!