Tuesday, February 4, 2014

What's That Quote About Sleeping When You're Dead??

Prompt: When was the last time you pulled an all-nighter? Why'd you do it? How'd you feel afterwards?

One word. VEGAS!

There is something about being in Las Vegas that helps me stay up all night...I know that they pump fake, delicious-smelling air into those casinos, and I wonder if said air is also full of, I dunno, crack cocaine maybe? I am telling you, there is speed in the air in Las Vegas. How the hell else am I able to stay awake until 7:00 in the damn morning? 7:00 in the morning is no longer being out late or out all night; 7:00 in the morning is the next day! 7:00 in the morning is, passing people for breakfast when you're on your way back to your hotel.

At home, I go to bed at 11:00. Midnight if there is something really awesome happening, and I will occasionally drink with friends until about 1:00 in the morning, but I am not 21 anymore, and I don't party all night long by any means.

But in Las Vegas, I can apparently stay up all night. And not in the way that you stay up reading or watching a movie or lounging on the sofa, but more in the way that you stay up drinking, laughing, and dancing.

I went to Vegas with my girlfriend and her sisters last month, and there we were, 7:00 in the morning on Sunday, at the bar, talking to strangers, laughing our asses off, still drinking. I wasn't even thinking about going to bed. I could probably have continued to talk and laugh and drink for another couple hours and then gotten some drunk breakfast. I tell you, there is crack in the air in New York, New York.

After crawling into bed at 7:30AM with your wasted friend next to you, there are several ways the day can progress. You either sleep it away, or you power nap it and start the party over at about 10:30. While last summer at my 30th birthday, Jenny and I were able to rally and spend the day napping slash day drinking at the pool, this trip left Kattie and I in bed til about 4:00 in the afternoon while her sisters peddled around the strip doing some shopping, and likely making fun of us for our inability to exercise any self control the night prior.

Las Vegas is its own kind of sensory overload, so maybe that has something to do with it. All of the lights, the sounds, the noise, the shows - there's just something about that place. I can't sleep there because I have to party instead. And I think that makes Vegas the most perfect place to go with girlfriends. Or on a date. Or with family. Or really anytime, for any reason.

Just know that in Vegas, I don't sleep at nighttime. So you shouldn't plan to either.