Thursday, July 10, 2014

I Know You're Out There. I'm Not Listening.

I have never had a regular 8-5 job. You know, the kind where you show up at 8:00, eat lunch from 12-1, and go home at 5:00. Prior to property management, which is what I do now, I was a cocktail waitress, where there are zero set hours, no way of having any clue when you'll eat, how fast you'll inhale food, or when you'll go home. And it was part of the gig.

Now, I work 8:00-5:00, but the chances that I can lock the door for 60 entire minutes right at noon, is slim to none. Because people come in on their lunch hour to rent apartments and to bitch about their neighbors or their late fees or the fact that they can't just do whatever they want whenever they want. So there are days where I lock the door at 11:00 and eat while sitting on a conference call, and there are days where I shove a salad down my face at 2:00 in the afternoon while a line of people waits outside the door. And it's part of the current gig.

The thing I find interesting, is that people find it appropriate behavior to sit outside of my locked office (where a clock is posted, by the way, with the return time), knocking on the door, thinking that I am going to get up from my lunch to let them in. Whether it is the mailman, the Fed Ex driver, a vendor, a resident, a happens daily. Literally, daily. And every day it surprises me, even though by now it really shouldn't. Because it is a daily occurrence.

What I am saying, essentially, is that I am faced with ass holes, daily, at lunch time. Since when is it considered acceptable and appropriate to bang on someone's door when their office is locked for lunch? I don't understand.

And the reason I don't understand, is that I am not a self-centered, egotistical ass face who believes the universe centers around me. I don't wake up each day thinking that the sun should rise and set on my ass. I also don't think that when I walk into a store, restaurant, apartment community, or other place of business, that I get to demand to be the center of attention and chastise everyone in the wake of my Bitch Tornado. I understand that sometimes, in the midst of the day, someone working in an office or a store might have to eat some food or use the bathroom.

It is astounding the number of people out there who do not accept this information. What the fuck do you mean you are closing for lunch? Why can't you just leave the door open and help me with these 46 things while you eat? And I don't care that you have to pee, I need something Right Fucking Now! It is truly remarkable, the way people treat people in the customer service industry. For the record, for all of you true fucking ass holes out there, it is customer service, not customer bendthefuckoverandletmekissyourdumbass.

The point of this rant is not to bag on the asinine people with their insane requests demands that I encounter every day, but rather to point out the absolute growing lack of respect and common courtesy out there in the world. The staggering number of people who truly do believe that their time is priceless while other people's time is irrelevant, blows my mind. I find it hard to comprehend the thought processes of these people, who just float around the world, demanding shit and being mean. It is not all about you. Seriously, it's not.

Stop and think for a second, about how much more pleasant our daily lives would be, if we were just nice to people? I mean really. When is the last time you were in a rush, so you were rude to a clerk who makes minimum wage, or the last time you honked at someone taking too long to cross the street so you could turn and be on your way? We do it all the time. We're rushing around, tied up in our own shit, and as a result, we're legit fucking mean to everyone. And that's not okay. No one deserves for me to walk into the store demanding attention immediately, just because I am running late for something. Just like I don't deserve to be constantly interrupted from my one quiet hour, where all I want to do is eat something and listen to some music.

Everyone just needs to calm the fuck down. Life will happen at its own pace, so why are we pushing it? Just slow down and enjoy the ride. And fucking be nicer to those of us whose job is to help get you through your damn day in one piece.