Thursday, July 17, 2014

Just a Little Day Drunk

There are few things in life quite as tasty as an ice cold beer.

Unless of course, you are day drinking that beer in a hot shower.

There are two things I love about summer, and specifically days off in the summer: day drinking and shower beers. It's hard to say which of these two summer drinking delights I prefer over the other, because they really just both have so much awesomeness in their own right.

Day Drinking: Day drinking is amazing on a summer day, when you don't have to work, go anywhere, be anywhere, or do anything. I like to day drink on patios all summer long. The difference between day drinking and evening drinking, is that in the daytime, you have hours and hours to drink, as opposed to squeezing a few drinks into your evening. The end result tends to be less of a total drunk, and more of a steady buzz - and a steady buzz is a fun time waiting to happen.

Shower Beers: Shower beers are something I wish I would have learned about in college, when I was stressed out and losing my mind over finals and writing papers while trying to also work full time. Shower beers are best at the end of a long day, when you can't wait to crawl into bed but are still wound too tight to fall asleep. Just climb in a hot shower with a chilled Corona, and drink a beer as the steamy water relaxes you. Amazing.

I realize that a blog about the joys of day drinking and shower beers probably makes me sound like a bit of a drunken fool, but I swear I'm not - I rarely enjoy beers in the shower, it's like a dessert I get every once in a while, and my days are mostly spent working, not drinking. But when it's time to relax, sit back, and enjoy a cold drink, I do certainly love to do so outside in the sun with friends, or in the steamy quiet of my own shower (though I think the only thing to top it would be a shared shower beer).

I have really been focusing this summer on doing whatever I want, whenever I want. While this has included some day drinking and one fantastic shower beer, it has also been a lot of short road trip, a lot of long weekends, and a lot of fun with friends. I took every Friday in July off work and have been out of town every weekend - a quick overnight trip to Pacific City, a 3 day weekend in Bend/Sun River, a 3 day weekend in Pacific City this weekend, and something else fun on a 3 day weekend next weekend. My birthday weekend is the following week, and I am taking 3 or 4 days off for that, and I'm trying to coordinate another trip to Bend in August as well. It's been busy, hectic, relaxing, restful, and incredibly fun summer. Just the way I like it!

The next time you're sitting around, feeling bored or lonely, or like you don't have enough going on, just crack open a beer, take a good book out to your patio, and remember that summer time is all about doing what you love and spending time having fun. We don't all get the luxury of summers off like teachers do, but we do all have the opportunity to take advantage of the longer days and later sunset, the warmer weather, the holiday weekends, and let's be honest, the Paid Time Off we accumulated over the winter!

And then ask someone you like to bring two beers and meet you in the shower. A good shower beer will always change your perspective on summer boredom!