Thursday, July 10, 2014

Let's F%#@ in the Library

A friend of mine shared this blog about falling in love with people who read on Facebook today (for the record, why don't any of my posts go viral), and it got me thinking back to that day I posted this picture and the conversation it sparked:

The conversation went south fairly quickly, but it was a pretty hilarious thread of about 55 comments. And most of it was fairly x-rated, crude jokes about both the guy in the photo, and the fact that reading books does in fact make you more attractive - at least to some people.

I am one of those people.

I started this blog the day after I posted that photo on Facebook, but the article posted today prompted me to finish it... 

Men who read - who read actual, real books - are fucking sexy. Men who talk about the books they read, who share conversations about the books you've both read, who buy or loan you their favorite books, are, to be frank, Hot. As. Shit. And I think it's in part because men who read books are in some sort of minority among men who play video games instead. Finding a man who talks to you over dinner about the last book he got sucked into and read all night long is sorta like seeing a unicorn. 

Here's the thing. I read. I read a lot. I took every English and Writing class offered at PSU in college, and I devour good books like good food. I can read a novel in a day if it's interesting enough. I spend vacation time reading books. I love bookstores. I just honestly love to read. Laying on the couch all weekend, in my jammies, with the tv off and some music playing, is one of my favorite things to do. A man on the opposite end of the couch under my blanket? Not too shabby of a weekend, I'm telling ya. 

There seems to be a significant lack of men who read. I mean, to be fair, not a lot of chicks are burying their noses in books lately either, but I am not any more or less into a women based on her ability to converse about books. But really, since when do guys not read? I feel like I remember having far more conversations about books-you-have-to-read-right-this-minute with guys in high school than I do now, and that makes sense I guess, since we were required to read for homework back then. But at what point did men decide to put down the books and pick up the video game controller instead? It's seriously un-hot. 

I guess that's the question to which I am seeking an answer: At what age does a guy stop reading for pleasure? And why do so many of them do that? And actually, do they not know that it's a very attractive quality in a man? 

Okay so technically that was three questions. But I want to know the answer. 

I know this blog gets a lot of action from the guys out there, and especially when the title insinuates that it may be a sex-related topic (like the one I wrote about sexting, which is my number two most viewed post), so I wonder if anyone will tell me the cold hard truth behind men and their disinterest in books - and I wonder how many of them will go home and read a book this weekend, knowing how much more likely they are to get into my pants that way.

It's not just me, guys. Chicks are into guys who are capable of - and actually enjoy - reading a book. Not because they have to, not because an employer assigned it or because they have to take a class, but because they want to. We like a man who can chill in the quiet of the sofa all night, play footsie, read, have real conversation, and then rock our worlds. Don't believe me? Try it. I promise, I am right. 

Go home. Read a book. Watch it make your lady swoon. You can thank me later.