Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Keep Your Political Agenda Out of My Vagina

I had every intention of not writing this blog while I was still angry. I was going to wait til I calmed the fuck down and then write a thoughtful, organized post on all the reasons I am disappointed in the Supreme Court today for their ruling about the availability/coverage of birth control for women - that ruling being that "conservative" business owners need not provide birth control to women under their health care plans.

However, as a debate rages on my Facebook page, I find myself getting more - not less - pissed off, so here goes nothing.

Why in the fuck does anyone think that they have the right to take away my access to birth control, based on the religious beliefs of some bazillionairre in a suit somewhere way up in some company??? What the fuck right do you have, as my boss, or as my insurance company, or as my boyfriend, or as literally anyone other than ME, to tell me that I can no longer access birth control because someone else believes life begins when a guy cums?!? What the fuck kind of bull shit, sexist, asinine garbage is this?!?

Here's the thing: I don't care when you - "you" being Corporate Big Shot in Charge of My Medical Care - think life begins. It doesn't matter. Providing health care coverage to employees does not get to bring in a religious "but what if." It shouldn't matter. It should not matter whether Man in Suit believes life begins at conception, or whether a sperm isn't a baby til it looks like one. It doesn't fucking matter because I am not trying to get health care coverage from a church! I don't work in a church, I work in an office. I work in an office for a company for which I pay way too much into my own medical benefits. I deserve to have adequate, fair, comprehensive access to the birth control of my choice.

You can give me all of the excuses in the book: the fact that health insurance doesn't pay for condoms for guys, the fact that I can still use the pill even if I can't use an IUD, the fact that corporations are legally allowed to be discriminatory pricks if they want....none of these arguments will change my mind or change my opinion. I don't care what the reasons are; it's wrong to deny any sort of medical care based on religious or political views.

Let's look from another angle, shall we? I manage an apartment complex for a living. Part of my job is to treat everyone the same, whether they are old, young, black, white, or purple. My ass in on the line if I even think about thinking about refusing to rent an apartment to someone based on their race, class, disability, yada, yada, yada. However, I am, in my personal life, very pro-choice. I am also very supportive of gay marriage. I also think you should be able to take a gun pretty much anywhere if you have a conceal/carry permit. BUT, I do not get to refuse an apartment to someone who is pro-life, nor do I get to deny the rental application of someone who is homophobic or in favor of major gun control. It's not how it works. I have to treat everyone the same, and I deserve to be treated the same.

Whether you believe life begins at conception, or whether you support abortion up to 12 weeks, is irrelevant. Whether you think condoms are expensive or not, is irrelevant. All that matters here is fact: and the fact is, when I signed up for my health care package through my employer, I did not - and should not - have to worry about them taking away access to certain medications, no matter what reason I need them for.

End rant.