Friday, November 1, 2013

Dear Santa...I Tried!

You know how sometimes you write something on a bad day, and then something can turn it all around and remind you that you're being Scroogy for no reason? Yes, that happened. After my anti-Holiday post yesterday, I got to participate in the magic of a little one's first time Trick-or-Treating, and I think I can safely say, I am now in Holiday Go Mode.

Last night after work I met up with Tyler, Stacey, and Blake to go trick-or-treating. Last year was technically Blake's first time, but I think he only went to Grandma's house and was way too tiny to know what was happening. This year, though, he was READY. And boy did he make us all laugh.

Things Blake said on Halloween:
- "Come on daddy, I am ready to go!!" (said while in full costume, holding candy bucket, waiting impatiently for Tyler to change out of his work clothes)
- "Oh thank you!!" (to every person he saw with candy)
- "Trick or Treat!!" (to people behind even closed doors)
- "Look daddy, look at my big candy! A biiiiig one!!" (about the full size candy bar at one house)
- "I love you" (to a random woman...apparently she was worthy of more than a thank you)
- "Let's get out of here, this one is scary!" (about a house with creepy decorations)
- "Be brave, mom" (while walking to a porch with scary decor)
- "Neeeeeext house." (coming down every driveway)
- "This too heavy, I dump it" (as he dumped his bucket into the wagon when candy started weighing him down)

It didn't take him long at all to realize that all he had to do was trick or treat, and he'd get candy in his pumpkin bucket. But he never forgot his manners either and charmed everyone we saw with his big muscles and bigger smile. We came home, had pizza and a piece of candy, and I headed home about bed time.

I guess maybe all I needed to get out of my funk was a little holiday magic. The truth of the matter is, I do love the holiday season, and even though my family has dwindled, the family that I do still see and love, is fun to see and I am happy to celebrate the season with them. I need to remember to focus on the loving family that is still in my life instead of on the unloving part that has given up on us.

Thank you, Blake, for reminding Auntie that holidays are great and that there is always tons of fun to be had.