Saturday, November 23, 2013 I can watch my favorite shows!

I decided to turn my 30 day Single Woman blog challenge into a 15 day challenge because, well, a lot of the posts that are left are, to talk about a time you were mad/jealous over one of your married friends, or would you ever go on a reality dating show? Please, those are dumb. New challenge time.

Day 1: What show from your childhood would you love to bring back?
TV when I was younger was so much better than TV now. I sound like a super old lame-o when I say this, but I do believe that part of what is wrong with the kids in the world today is the shit that they watch on TV. I mean really, think about it...what's on TV now for a girl in junior high to watch? The Kardashians. Teen Mom. 16 and Pregnant. Real World. Snooki & JWow. Jerseylicious. The Bachelor/ette. Real Housewives of one of 87-odd locations.

Don't get me wrong, I watch a lot of this trash on Sunday nights when I'm home alone in my jammies. But I am 30, not 14. I am not a young impressionable kid who walks away from these shows thinking I am not rich enough, not smoking hot enough, not dumb enough to land a man.

My favorite thing about Fridays as a "tween" was the TGIF lineup on, what, Channel 2? It kept me home on Friday nights, usually with a friend or two over to eat popcorn and catch up on the lives of some of our favorite characters: Corey and Topanga, Steve Urquell and Laura Winslow, Sabrina the Teenage Witch, the Cosby kids. Instead of begging my mom to let us go out and do whatever it is that 14 year olds do to get in trouble (have sex, smoke pot, drink cheap liquor), we were home, where our parents were, eating popcorn and drinking soda, watching TGIF before staying up half the night giggling and talking.

In addition to giving kids something to do at home on a Friday night, these shows were just better. Better written, better acted, just better. Reality TV drives me crazy. I loved knowing that next week, I'd have the resolution to the big cliffhanger of my shows from this week, and I often cried at the season or series finales of my favorite shows.

If I could bring back any shows from my childhood, I'd want to bring back Full House, The Cosby Show, Boy Meets World, and Step by Step. Classics. I still love watching reruns of these old shows when TBS does marathons. Because I am that big of a dork. But sometimes they are a nice break from reality shows!