Thursday, September 26, 2013

Because Adults Can Have Tantrums Too...

Today's Challenge: What is the meaning behind your blog name?
When I decided to start keeping a blog, I had the idea that I would post twice a week: one rave about something that was making me happy, or something in general that I enjoyed; and one rant about something that annoyed me or made me mad. I thought it would be a fun easy way to keep myself in the habit of writing at least twice a week.
It was actually Kattie who came up with my blog name, but as soon as she said it I knew it was awesome. We were chatting about the idea of my blog and she suggested "grown up tantrums," because really...that's what a rant is, a temper tantrum about something incredibly stupid. And so the name of my blog became: Grown Up Tantrums.
I learned quickly that it was much more fun to rant than it was to rave, by the way. And the people who read my blog tend to agree that they're more entertaining to read as well.