Monday, September 9, 2013

To Quote my Favorite Quote

Bahaha, I love Grumpy Cat!!
But no really, this is not my actual favorite quote.
Day 3 Blog Challenge: Your Favorite Quote.
This was is hard, not because I don't enjoy a good quote or have a favorite, but because I have so many favorites. I love a good quote by Emerson or Thoreau, I love seeing excerpts from my favorite books, and I am thrilled when something Dr. Seuss wrote pops into my head and perfectly expresses my innermost thoughts.
I think, though, that my most favorite, favorite quote is one by Winnie The Pooh:
It is so simple really, yet speaks volumes to me. I like it because I like the thought that you can brighten someone's day, week, month, year, with something so small as a balloon or a thought. That Pooh Bear, what a smarty! Plus, Winnie the Pooh always reminds me of being a kid, playing at the Kelvin Street house in the honey tree with Stace and Thor, and that just makes me happy.

It may not be inspirational, but it sure is the truth!
This is a quote I also love. It makes such sound sense to me - put your heart into everything you do. It seems so simple and yet to put it to practice can really be a challenge. How many things do I just do half-assed to get them done? Lately - especially at work - a lot. I am burning my candle at both ends just trying to keep my head above water, and when that is the case, it is easy to lose sight and just go through the motions. But it is really important, and makes such a difference, when I dive into things with both feet. A good reminder, thanks Confucius!

What better quote for this travel bug? I mean really. I have travel in my blood, I just crave it all the time. I want a job that makes me go places, and I need to figure out a way to make that happen without just abandoning my life and becoming a flight attendant. My favorite part of this one is, "We trust strangers." Its so true! Jenny and I made a thousand decisions in Australia based on the hope that a complete stranger was not trying to get us murdered. And it worked out! I would never go up to a stranger in Portland and be like, hey what should I do today? But on a trip, it makes more sense than digging up a touristy guide book.