Sunday, September 29, 2013

Can I Stop Collecting Collisions??

The closest I come to having a collection is that I currently own 4 blenders - one for my office, one mini one for smoothies to go, one for home, and one that I just bought at a yard sale for Stacey. I by no means intend to collect blenders, I just have to have one on me at all times because I eat blended breakfast and lunch on a daily basis, so while I am wandering instead of living in one space, that means many blenders. As soon as I am settled into my next apartment and my next office, one blender will become stationary in my office, one in my kitchen. And the to-go one will get placed in a cabinet. And I just have to give the one to Stacey. So, its not like I pick up old blenders and add them to my hoard. Blenders just seem to happen to me.

Today's Challenge: What do you collect?
Let's be honest...I move a lot and spend far too much time being homeless to have a collection of anything. If it doesn't fit in a suitcase, I probably don't need it.

I have a few sentimental items from my grandparents or from when I was a kid, but they all fit in a small toy box, and other than that, I don't really tend to hang on to things. When my clothes are too big or too small, I don't pretend that they'll ever fit again, I just toss them. I don't keep shoes that are uncomfortable or don't go with anything or that I never wear. Clutter gives me anxiety, and people with collections that start out innocently enough tend to be the ones who end up on Hoarding: Buried Alive. Which, while being one of my favorite shows, always makes me get up and donate something to Goodwill. I don't like things all over the place. I love books, but I don't like the look of a big, full bookcase, so I hide my books in cloth bins in one of those IKEA cube shelf things. I do the same with movies.

Actually, now that I think about it...perhaps I collect IKEA cube shelf things. I have several - one in my closet for shoes, scarves, and wallets (I don't hang on to purses very often, but I do have a small bin of wallets and clutches), one that will go in the guest bedroom for toys and games, and a third that I use as a TV stand (because then I can hide my DVDs in cubes). I could probably use an IKEA cube shelf in every closet of my house, and it would make me feel like an organized, clutter-free, happy person. I like to be organized. I like lists. I have a filing box for all that paperwork that you're supposed to keep til you die, and it is organized alphabetically as well as by year, and I purge it on occassion as needed. I don't like chaos, I think everything has a place, and that place is where it should be.

This may be why I have no desire to live with a man or a child, ever. They just make messes. And then they clean it up wrong.

I know what you're all thinking...speaking of messes, Veronica, look at your car! And it is 100% true, my car is a mess. Disaster zone really. It is always messy and always has been. I've always had a very messy car. Its like the one place that doesn't fit in my freaky-organized brain. My bathroom is often messy, but it is still organized into bins and baskets; I just don't give myself enough time in the morning to put anything back into the bins and baskets. My kitchen cabinets are organized, my bedroom closet is organized by sleeve length, color, and frequency of wear...yes, seriously. I organize movies by how often I watch them, shoes by how often I wear them, books on the shelf by both height and genre. I have issues. I am a compulsive organizer. But my car? Nah, my car is just a dumping ground for anything without a category. Oh this doesn't have a sensible spot in my apartment, I will just leave it in the car. One day I will probably get in a car wreck (because, as we all know, I collect those, too) and get decapitated by something that flies out of the back seat.

Did I just decide that of all things to collect, I collect car accidents?? Crap!