Wednesday, September 11, 2013

I'm Homeless, Don't Judge Me

I have always carried a large purse. I apparently carry a lot of crap on me at all times. But recently, since I am "floating" from living space to living space, I have a larger bag, filled with more crap than usual. This brings me to Day 7 of my blog challenge: What's in your handbag?

Oh man...In my awesome got-it-at-Ross Betsy Johnson over the shoulder purse, I am currently toting:

- 3 Burt's Bees chapsticks. Yes, 3. Of the same flavor.
- 1 lipstick
- 1 lip gloss
- 1 itty bitty, lipstick-application, can-only-see-my-lips-in-it, mirror
- Birth control pills.
- Other birth control items. Apparently you can never be too cautious as a single homeless unemployed lady. Because single, homeless, and jobless qualify me as quite the catch right now.
- Tampons. A girl's gotta be prepared.
- 2013-2014 planner. Purple. Already packed full of important life details. I am a planner, afterall.
- Sunglasses. Must have.
- Deodorant and lotion. Again, you never know.
- Allergy pills and vitamin D, plus the pills packs and fiber packets for my cleanse. When you don't know quite for certain where you will lay your head each night, you need the next morning's breakfast essentials on hand.
- Wallet. What's in there is another complete blog. The usual.
- Car keys. Office keys. House keys. Kattie's apartment keys. Rachel's apartment keys. Keys to my mom's house. Keys to my aunt's beach house. Just so many keys!