Friday, September 13, 2013

My Favorite Thing About Fall is Wearing Ugg Boots

Today's blog challenge: List 15 of your favorite things.
1. Juno Cat. She is my favorite furry thing to snuggle with, my favorite to baby talk to, and my favorite to worry about. As you may have read in a previous post about how much I hate dogs and children, you can see I am not an animal lover. But I do love my fat cat.
2. Tillamook Vanilla ice cream topped with sunshine-warmed fresh off the vine raspberries. This is my favorite dessert and my favorite way to remember Grandma and Grandpa Stacey. I could eat a whole 1/2 gallon of ice cream topped with a flat of berries if it was humanly possible.
3. Books. Reading is my favorite way to be lazy. In my yoga pants & a hoodie, under a blanket, preferably with some Keith Urban on the iPod, with a book that sucks me in.
4. The beach. Pacific City is my favorite place.
5.  A smoothie for breakfast.
6. Zumba. Dancing is my favorite workout, and I am obsessed with Zumba.
7. Days off at a farmers market. I love the fresh produce, the flowers, and the company of my friends.
8. Movies. Especially funny ones, or the ones that are so romantic you forget that most guys are douchebags. Kidding.
9. Vacations. My favorite. I love traveling and wish I could do it more often.
10. Being right. I love when I'm right.
11. Long drives with no traffic and loud music. Driving is relaxing. Driving long distances is refreshing and always leaves me with a ton of time to think (or talk out loud to myself). A long drive is my favorite way to process a big decision. But paying for gas is not my favorite.
12. Sex.
13. And kissing.
14. Dressing up. I don't get to dress up fancy very often, so when I do, it is one of my favorites. I love feeling fancy.
15. Weddings. I fucking love weddings. Indoor, outdoor, destination, I don't care. Weddings are my favorite, when I can dance, drink, and laugh with 2 people who just had the best day ever, its my favorite.