Monday, September 23, 2013

Your Eyes Are Like a Canvas

I feel like after my post yesterday, which actually got 6 shares (!!!), I need to say something else totally enlightening and smart, but alas, my topic for today is: what's in my makeup bag? And I don't feel anything exceptionally profound coming on...

And yet, after mentioning in yesterday's blog that I love my eyes, at least this entry is timely.

Like I said, I do like my eyes. And people who do my eye makeup for me (when I'm in weddings, or in Vegas) always comment on how big my eyes are...from the actual size of my eyes, to the distance between my brows and my eyelids. I've never really noticed my eyebrows being apparently higher on my head than anyone else's, but it has been an alarming number of people who've been applying eye shadow to my face and commenting on how much room they have to apply it. Hmmm...ok??

Perhaps because of this, I have a ton of eye shadows in my makeup case. I don't stick with one color that I know looks good, I prefer to have an array of options...some end up being disastrous, and some become staples. Since I have so many colors, I have just as many shadow brushes...otherwise shit gets mixed up and you've got a mess on your hands.

Aside from eye shadow, my makeup bag consists of a liquid foundation and an expensive concealer (most of my makeup is dirt-ass cheap) because I have some serious genetically dark circles under my eyes, and I have to cover that right up. There's also bronzer so I don't look like a ghost, and a few different mascaras...some that lengthen, some that plump, some that won't wash off for those events that make me weddings. Oh man, can I cry at a wedding...

The makeup I don't have much of is lip color. I have small, thin lips...and I tend to think lip color makes them look littler, so I tend to stray away from much of it unless I am trying to be fancy. Plus, I like to kiss boys, and leaving lipstick on their face is gross. So I figure, if I'm not wearing lipstick, I am always prepared for some smooching!