Friday, September 27, 2013

Mmmm, Smells Like Grandma's Kitchen

As everyone who knows me is well aware, I hate cooking. I suck at it. I don't like it, I hate making a mess in my kitchen, and I just don't even like food. So why work so hard to have it?

My blog challenge for Saturday is to post my favorite recipe.

You may think that I'd have a hard time writing about a recipe when most things I cook require a crock pot or no cooking at all. But really, it is quite simple. My favorite thing to make is something I don't even like to eat: Grandma Stacey's ginger snap cookies.

Yes you read that correctly. I hate ginger snaps. And Grandma's are expecially snappy, which makes me hate them even more. I don't like cookies that make your face twist, nor do I like cookies that are crunchy. I like soft cookies, like chocolate chip or sugar cookies. But whenever I am missing my grandparents, I bake ginger snaps. They smell like the house on Kelvin Street. Baking them makes me remember being little and sitting on the kitchen heat vent with grandma, in my jammies, laughing with her. When I miss her, I bake, and always in my jammies. I turn on music, turn up the heat in my apartment, and remember how much fun she was.

Grandma's ginger snap recipe is not a secret; she followed Betty Crocker's recipe. But her ginger snaps do have a secret ingredient: extra, extra ginger. The real recipe calls for something like 2 teapoons of ginger for a batch. Grandma's recipe adds 4 tablespoons to that! So much snap!

I think we all do some strange things when we are missing someone who is no longer with us. I bake cookies that I truly hate. And then I give them away, because I won't eat them. It works out though, because my friends like the cookies, I don't get the calories, and I am able to satisfy the need to think about my grandparents.