Wednesday, September 25, 2013

I'm Getting Hangry

These past few weeks have been incredibly crazy at work, and I find that the more I work like this, the worse I eat...usually. I have been doing really well this time and even did a cleanse while clocking 75+ hours per week! But as I sit here at my desk, past closing time, for the umteenth night in a row, I find it very unfair that tonight's blog challenge topic guessed 10 favorite foods. Bah!

This blog is ironically quite timely, as I was just chatting with a boy (and a handsome one, at that) about my lack of interest in trying new foods. Somehow...probably because he's handsome...I was talked into going out for Vietnamese food. What? Was I wasted when I said ok? I hate trying new food! I am also not into going out to eat on dates. Probably because I hate food, I hate tasting new food, and when you add those elements to, say, a first date...its a recipe for disaster (hehe, I didn't even make that pun deliberately). So anyways, I have agreed to eat at a Vietnamese restaurant even though I could go my whole life without eating Vietnamese food, and perhaps I will like it, but that doesn't mean I really have any desire to try it and find out.

I should preface this list  with one important detail. I don't love food. I have never been one to branch out too far from a few staples. I don't cook well, nor do I enjoy cooking. I eat because in order for me to not die, I have to eat...but I don't eat for pleasure like so many people do. I simply eat because I get hangry if I don't consume at least 1,100 calories in a day (Karen, hush about my caloric intake). Food isn't fun for me, its necessity. It was actually very challenging for me to even think of ten things I like to eat. But here they are, in no particular order.

1. Grandma Stacey's teriyaki chicken wings.
2. Tillamook vanilla ice cream with raspberries.
3. Chips and Guacamole.
4. Jamba Juice Peach Perfection smoothie.
5. Campbell's chicken noodle soup. There is nothing better on a sick day. Or a sad day.
6. Mom's "taco crap."
7. Air-popped popcorn with butter & salt.
8. Cheese tortellini with alfredo sauce and broccoli.
9. Pepperoni & pineapple pizza with alfredo sauce, cold.
10. Double stuffed Oreos. Also known as Crack Cookies...because you have to eat a whole sleeve at a time, and that is NOT ok.

After thinking about this list and what my favorite foods are, I realize that many of them that make the list are very simple, and that mostly they are comfort foods. Most of the items on this list, I don't even eat anymore...which is probably why they are on my list of top ten favorite foods, because I miss them still. I could eat popcorn every night while I watch tv. I don't. But I would love to. I could eat cold pizza every morning for breakfast. But I do when my hangover is incurable.

I also realized that my list of favorite foods could easily belong to a five year old. Oreos, pizza and ice cream. Perfect.