Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Sensory Overload...Not Really

Day 6 Blog Challenge: Your 5 Senses Right Now

I am not feeling entirely motivated to write on this subject...especially because I had to actually sit and think, wait, what are my 5 senses??

Oh yea, go back to 1st grade for a second. Sight. Hearing. Smell. Touch. Taste. Duh.

What I See: Well, I am at work. So I see the inside of my office. It is only going to be my office for 10 more days, so it is looking pretty barren. I have removed our awards, shelves, thank you letters/cards from residents, and team news boards from the walls. Its sad! I have come a long way with my job in the last 7 months at this property, and I have had a hell of a time with my amazing team. I am truly appreciative of them and the way they have pulled together to make our property shine through this sale process. We have made a huge financial impact here and I have no doubt that they will all continue to find huge successes at the next properties they go to. That said, I am going to miss them SO much, and I wish I had a new office, new property, that I could take them all to with me.

Anyways, what I see...I see my computer, my desk, my phone, my empty smoothie cup. I see my ever-growing to-do pile in the corner and I secretly wish I could just throw it in the shredder. I see a ton of work to be done in a short number of days, but I see the organized greatness we are about to hand off to the new company. Like I said, we've mad an impact here and I am proud of the way we are leaving this office and this property.

What I Hear: Uhhhh, my favorite Pandora staion...1990's Pop Radio! Currently I am rocking out to Ace of Base, "The Sign," and thinking that I must add a myriad of 90s pop to my workout mix. Love it!

What I Smell: Weird. I don't really smell much of anything...my own body spray I suppose? My windows are closed and my office is pretty empty, so there's nothing of consequence to really smell...sorry, that's lame.

What I Feel: I am touching the obvious...my keyboard. Cold, hard plastic of a keyboard that desperately needs cleaned by the manager who eats lunch at her desk daily. Occassionally I stop clicking away at the keyboard to read a text, at which point I suppose I am touching still a keyboard, but this time a touch screen one with a nice big crack down the center of it.

What I Taste: I just finished a smoothie, so I was tasting that. I am on Day 2 of my Advocare challenge, so my smoothie consisted of Watermelon Spark, peach-flavored chalk (aka Fiber), unflavored protein powder for my don't-eat-enough-meat self, greens, vitamins, and lots of berries. I've been doing the blended green smoothies for breakfast for a couple of months now and I just love it. It gets me all the essentials for a healthy jump start to the day without having to "make" breakfast; I pack the blender full of yummies before bed, then just have to blend it and pour it into a travel mug on the way out the door in the morning. Easy peasy and not a breakfast sandwich, which is great for a girl trying to minmalize her carb intake.