Saturday, September 7, 2013

What is it About Me?!

Today's blog challenge post is to share 20 facts about myself. 20 seems daunting. 20 whole things, just about me?

1. I am homeless.
No, really I am. I moved out of my apartment 2-ish weeks ago and have been staying with friends (the best friends ever, I might add). I stayed the last 2 weeks at Rachel's and it was a lot of fun. Her son is in Greece with his grandma, so I had my own bedroom with a bed in it and didn't have to couch surf, which was fab. I made smoothies, she made dinners, and we watched a LOT of old seasons of Real World on MTV Hulu. What else could I want? I left her place on Friday because her dude is in town, and I stayed a night at my parents' and I am currently at Kattie's for the weekend. I'll go back to Rachel's on Monday or Tuesday, but I will be leaving Juno with my mom...all the back and forth is making my poor anxiety-ridden cat need a Xanax. My plan was to wait to get a place until I had a new property...the longer that looks to be dragging out, the more I wonder if I need a new plan. Just how long can I float in the abiss before I need to be a grown up?
2. I don't have a job.
Ok, well technically I have a job. I am not being laid off, and I will be working (mostly) full time. But through at least November 1st, I don't have a property or an office of my own, I am just the cover-everyone-else's-vacation person. I feel good and bad about that. The good is, it will be no stress, no pressure, no real responsibilty. The bad, obviously, is that it is a career halt because I am not doing anything to promote forward, nor am I learning anything new...but I should get to meet some new people, so that's good. We'll see. I just hope it doesn't go on forever.
3. I am a crazy cat lady.
Juno is my best bud. I love her. I love all the silly things she does. She is a happy, funny cat and I just love her.
4. I love - and hate - other people's children.
I think this speaks for itself. I love babies, but I hate a lot of parents and the ways they make their kids into horrible beasts.
5. I drink a smoothie every morning.
And they get more and more green all the time. I love them. I have so much more energy, a healthier appetite, and I don't get that carb/sugar crash at 11am like I used to. I buzz around my office like a crazy person, but I enjoy that.
6. I love beer.
Mmmmmm, beer carbs.
7. The beach is my happiest place.
I love it. I love the smell, the cold, the wind, the frigid water. I love being there, relaxing there, sleeping there. I love to sit on the couch with a book and remember all the trips we made as kids with cousins, grandparents, aunts and uncles, mom and dad. I am happier at the beach than anywhere.
8. I want a job that requires me to travel.
How do I make this happen?
9. I love to read.
I am reading 3 books right now. And by reading them, I mean I am laying down to read them and falling asleep less then 5 pages in. I need a day off work.
10. I want to go back to school.
But I don't want to pay for it. Kattie told me about her amazing online nutrition program. Would love it. Would never spend $5,000 on it. Pipe dreams are always good to have.
11. I don't want a wedding.
I want a honeymoon instead. A trip with a ring exchange in the middle of it. Then again, I need to meet a boy first I suppose.
12. I pin things on Pinterest and then never look at them again.
Its what I do.
13. I am a planner.
AKA, a total spaz.
14. My favorite holiday has always been Christmas, but lately I am finding myself more excited for Halloween.
15. I love sleepovers with Blake. Even when he won't sleep.
I love being his Auntie. Such a good kid.
16. I believe in therapy.
And I think everyone needs it. I am so much more mentally healthy having spent a short stint in counseling. It just allows you to be open, honest, emotional, and vulnerable with someone who is 100% uninvolved in your life stresses and can help you come to your own answers by asking the right questions. In therapy, I have learned to be more mellow, to handle my stress better, to manage my emotions, and to speak my truth.
17. I love to plan trips.
If Southwest flies there, I want to go there, that's been my motto lately. I am planning a 6 day beach week with Juno, a 5 day Seattle/San Juan Islands trip (solo or with a friend if I can dig one up with the vacation time), and a 3 day Sun River weekend, hopefully with Stace, Blake and Kattie. All in October. Can't wait.
18. I believe in honesty, no matter what.
It is so important to be honest with people, even when it makes things awkward or uncomfortable, and even when you may upset someone in the moment. I am not saying you need to be brutally honest or tell your friend their new haircut looks like crap, but with the important relationships in our lives, it is so much more rewarding to be honest about your feelings. It gets you further. And it gives you the peace you need in your life.
19. Weddings are my favorite summer activity.
I love them. I don't care if they're outside, inside, formal, casual, or whether I am in them or not, I just love them. Love the music, the dancing, and all the L-O-V-E.
20. I hate talking on the phone.