Saturday, September 14, 2013

What's in Your Fridge?

Todays Challenge: What's inside your fridge?
This seems like a timely entry, as it falls smack dab in the middle of my 10 day Advocare cleanse, which requires very clean eating...which for me, comes mostly in the form of smoothies. So in my fridge (and by my fridge, I mean my shelf in my parents' fridge at the moment), you will find...

* Odwalla green juice/smoothie mix
* Bolthouse Farms berry + carrot antioxidant, vitamin B packed juice
* Organic eggs
* Sliced, ready-to-eat cucumber and yellow/orange peppers
* Cherry tomatoes, both red from my dad's garden, and yellow from the store
* Brocolli
* Cauliflour
* Green beans, my fave
* Raspberries
* Ground flaxseed
* Wheatgrass
* Fresh plums
* Nectarines

In addition to the shelf in the fridge, I also get to keep my non-fridgey foods on some shelft space, and there you'd find...

* Cliff crunch peanut butter granola bars
* Protein powder (because as you can guess, I do not eat enough meat)
* Advocare 24 day challenge supplies, including Spark drink mix and a bunch of supplements
* Unsalted mixed nuts

So, there's that. I am loving blending up a smoothie for breakfast and another for lunch, and I am finally starting to see the results from this healthy eating lifestyle change that my friends have been pointing out to me. I can see it in photos mostly, not really yet when I look in the mirror or try on clothes. But I'll get there. I've done it before and I am doing it the right way this time. No fast crashes, no daily cardio.